Not bad for a Monday

I woke up to the sun shining over the lake and the hills rustling from the wind. The water glittered. The breeze was frigid and crisp. It was a pretty great fall morning. 

I had a healthy breakfast. Went shopping. Got more crafting stuff since Michael’s is having sales (yay blanket yarn and holiday card stuff!!). Found a beautiful mala (that I’ll photograph when I officially receive it Wednesday) and a beautiful crystal marble. It was actually fluorite, but it is so beautiful. Picture of that Wednesday, too! It was warm in my hand when I held it, so I had to take it home! Reading about crystals is also really cool. I’ll write more about that in the future.

Made some steps toward better health today. Started up MyFitnessPal again and have been trying to log all my food. Not 100% sure what my calories should be, but eh. One step at a time. I ate decently healthy today (much better than yesterday). And I will do better tomorrow. Tomorrow is also cross-training day! Yay! The elliptical and I have a date. I’m not looking forward to hill running on Wednesday though.

Great day. Super excited about tomorrow and all of our adventures. Oh! I got a job offer that will allow me to be creative and try out teaching PLUS should allow me plenty of time for travel. Wonderful!!

Tired now! Must rest for tomorrow. 🙂


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