Thankful Thursday

No, not every entry will have the day I write in its name. That just happens to be how this week has turned out!

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope that everyone’s day is filled with love and gratitude. Mine has been, and it’s only 115! 

Today, I get to make vegan green bean casserole for my family again. I am beyond excited. It was delicious last year!! I love helping cook and getting the house ready for holidays. Next week, we may even get out the Christmas tree and decorate (since we won’t be here for Christmas, and they generally decorate it a few days before). I want to also make a wreath for the door before I go. I love holidays!

So eating has been good and water intake has been increasing. The thing that’s lacking? Actually being able to go outside and run. I have been relegated to elliptical workouts because of the smoke in the air up here in northern Tennessee. It is so pretty, but so, so smoky. It always smells like someone is having a campfire nearby, but I know that the actual cause is far more serious. I do hope that the wildfires get contained soon, and that anyone who is displaced by them will get home safely. And, of course, that the firefighters who are working on them all make it home. I have a super soft spot in my heart for firefighters. ❤️ 

I will post more later today! I had some wonderful, new-age energetic healing done yesterday, and it completely changed my attitude and took my headache away! Plus I want to share a tiny bit about the crystals and whatnot!k


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