What a (Long) Weekend!

I truly cannot believe that it is already MONDAY! The final Monday of November, at that. It truly feels as though this year, more so than others to me, has flown by in an absolute hurry. Not that I am complaining, as it has been one of the most challenging years of my life…BUT…I like to take my time with things, generally. Breathe deeply and enjoy time. Listen to the wind chimes down on the dock by the river. Hearing the wind and the waves at the beach; the gentle crashing a calm and soothing time master for me. Breathing heavily after a long hike that felt like minutes long, only to find out it was hours. It is also odd for me, since I am (I suppose ‘finally’) carving out the existence that I want and can be happy to call my own. I am really discovering “me,” and it is much more difficult than I had thought.

This post is likely to be longer than the others. First time posting from my computer and not my phone (and this keyboard begs me to continue typing…I love it). And also, it’s been  few strange days and I have plenty that’s been rolling around in my brain. 🙂

I have recently come to the decision to live my life as one of enjoyment and appreciation. Gratitude, creativity, compassion, love, adventure…my list of requirements is lengthy. I left law school, and all of its rigidity, to take on my own life and create exactly what I wanted out of it. The feeling I want to have when I go to work. The time I have available to spend with my loved ones. The kind of life I would cherish and look forward to experiencing every single day. I want to feel happy. Every day. I do understand that some days are more difficult than others, and that not every day will be perfect and wonderful. But I want to do something that makes me happy…something every single day that makes me smile and feel satisfied. A long time ago, when quotes were a thing on Facebook profiles, a friend of mine had written something along the lines of “Do something every day that makes you smile.” And, while this may be kind of silly, it was so utterly profound to me. So now, I try to do that.

Thanksgiving is usually a time where most people recognize things that they are grateful for, and acknowledge them. I know that I, personally, try to take a step back and articulate my gratitude more freely around this time of year. This is what got my brain fired up recently. I am going to aim to take photos of things that I am grateful for daily. Even if I can’t or don’t, I intend to express my gratitude for things, great and small, on a daily basis. I have realized that there is so much to be thankful for, not only now, but every day, and I don’t want to miss out on an opportunity to stop and recognize those wonderful things that make my life better. Soooo….I will likely be posting the things that I am grateful for on the days that I post (and maybe some days, that’ll be all I post, if I’m extra busy!)! I’d consider it something of a challenge to others to see how long they can keep the streak going for, but no pressure. I just enjoy holding myself accountable. It’s like the Nike+ run app telling me I have a run streak, and not to miss a run! Or on myfitnesspal, how it reminds me to log in daily to keep my streak up. I like the idea of challenging myself to dig deep and be grateful daily. Plus, days when I am frustrated, upset, hurt, angry, busy…it’ll be a good way for me to center and focus, and remember that the world is a wonderful place, and I can choose to be happy in it.

Whew! Still with me? Good!

So! Another reason that I haven’t really been posting much…I had a really random, sudden, exceptionally painful, weird…occurrence(?) on Friday! In the morning, I turned (BARELY!!) to look out the window behind the bed, and I froze in pain! My ribs were having none of that, and since then, I’ve had pretty horrid rib pain and moving has been the worst idea. There went my weekend run plans! That was really the biggest disappointment. Doctor told me yesterday, though, that once I am pain-free, I can run again, but not to push it. I hope that happens soon, though, because Light Side Half Marathon is coming up, and I ma nowhere near where I should be, as far as mileage goes! It’s going to be a rough month of training ahead, but I AM GOING TO GET IT DONE! Kessel run medals, here we come!!

Health things: Eating has been…well…it was a holiday, and I made delicious green bean casserole that I’ve eaten leftovers of pretty much daily. But, no overeating and no starving myself. And no soda (though I have wanted one here and there!) and I am weaning myself off of sugar in my coffee (which is crazy hard! Some coffee is just bad!). And. So. Much. Water. The dry air up here is wreaking havoc on my skin and body, in general. I have to drink a ton of water to keep up. Not that it is bad (my skin loves the water, it is just so dry even when I hit the 3L/day I aim for)…but whew!

Okay!!! A small bit about the crystals I was talking about earlier. Very small, as I am not a crystal guru! I got some awesome late birthday gifts from my boyfriend and his brother this past week. One was a small like orb/ball/marble and the other was a mala (prayer/meditation beads), both made of fluorite. When we went into the shop, it was strictly to get my boyfriend’s brother a late birthday gift, but I was immediately and intensely attracted to these two items. In the energetic world, that kind of means something. So, upon holding the marble, my boyfriend’s brother had no feeling toward it one way or another (I had initially thought he might like it because of how cool it looked), and then he handed it to me, and it got warm immediately. So cool. I just wanted to keep holding it. We got boyfriend’s brother a book on crystals, also, and when the lady at the store told me that it was fluorite, I looked it up to see the meaning and purpose, etc., of that specific stone. Turns out that it is connected to clear mind and clear thinking. Absolutely meant for me. I have been frustrated lately that I haven’t been able to think of the right words (I am exceptionally verbose, generally), or think quick enough. It felt like a thick fog had taken root in my brain. This stone speaks to specifically that. Awesome. As we were paying, I remembered seeing malas in a case, and asked if I could see one. It was beautiful – purples, pinks, white, a hint of teal. I held it and, again, it got warm immediately. It came home with me also. 🙂 I have wanted a mala for some time, as I find it difficult to meditate without a direction. I am impatient and my monkey brain YELLS at me to do other stuff, or I’ve been sitting there long enough, etc. I have wanted a mala to help me focus on the job at hand. I may get another one that is wood, to travel with (Natural wood beads are soooo warm, and something about rubbing them in my hands is so so so soothing). It felt right. And this is a no judgment zone anyway, right?

As far as other crystals go, I am usually attracted to rose quartz. Seldom, crystal quartz will spark something in me (one necklace I have, specifically, makes me angry if I wear it, but happy if it is just in the same room as me…weird, right?), but rose quartz is my go-to and I almost always feel something with them.

Also, salt lamps are so cool. I turned one on before our Halloween party this year and everyone said that they had an exceptionally good time. They may not be connected, but I’d like to think that the salt lamp helped. 🙂

WHEW! I have written bunches! Only a little more for now, promise!

I have a lot of thoughts, ideas, goals, etc., that I am working on right now. I want to add more fun stuff to the blog. I do a ton of crafting, cooking,I travel a good bit, I run and workout, enjoy shopping, decorating, and so much more. I intend to bring some more of that to life here. Maybe a recipe here or there. A craft that I love love love (like my Christmas cards I’ll be making this week!). Travel pictures that make me swoon (like the overwhelming amount of Tennessee now). And more. I love sharing. I love helping. I am going on my own life journey and am so excited. I am happy to have people to check in with and help out, give suggestions or tips to, take friendly advice from, etc. Just a head’s up!

As I’ll be saying in a few weeks from Hawaii, aloha for now! 🙂

EDIT: I realized that I COMPLETELY forgot to include what I was thankful for today! D’oh! I may repeat these sometimes, because I am eternally grateful for a number of things, so don’t crucify me if I do that!!

Today, I am especially thankful for the love and warmth that my boyfriend’s family has shown me over the past 7.5 years. They treat me like family, and I always feel at home when we visit them. They let me be a part of everything they do, big or small, and encourage my dreams and ambitions just as they do their own daughters. There are few people I know so wonderfully real and loving and caring and considerate and fun as they are. Each member is so different, it is wonderfully refreshing to be here and have all of their energies and excitements buzzing around me. 🙂 Also, my boyfriend is usually so happy to be here, there is just so much love when we all get together. It is exceptionally wonderful to be so accepted and loved. ❤


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