Feeling Productive Lately

Yesterday, I woke up early (for me), and accomplished a lot. Today, I woke up late, but was still able to check off many things from my to-do list. It is a really stark difference in my happiness between days where I actually do things, and days where I laze about with no direction. Don’t get me wrong, those days have their purpose and are awesome from time to time…but I am really enjoying this swell of activity lately.

Today, I got to speak to a mentor about a lead on a job, I decorated a boring book I’d been writing goals in (now complete with glitter!), I have been eating ridiculously healthy (so far, so good! Dinner soon, and I’ll TRY to be good then, too), I am in significantly less pain, I got in a long and relaxing bath (candles, spa music, and all), and we have even made plans for getting out the Christmas tree and decorations tomorrow and we are going to start decorating!!! All-in-all, I feel extra accomplished today!

The air was fairly clear today, and I think that was due mostly to last night/this morning’s rain that was washing away some of the smoke in the air. Gatlinburg is still on fire, though. I do hope that it is under control soon. We are heading to Knoxville, which is much, much closer to the fires, this weekend. We will be fine, but our friends have already warned us of the amount of smoke in the air (and to be prepared for it).

So far, I am on the up-and-up with my ribs and shoulder. I am hoping that the trend continues so I can run the 5k this weekend. We shall know by Thursday!

Making goals is so fun. I love planning things. I am looking forward to writing more tonight in my little goal journal. Making measurable, attainable, realistic steps to be able to reach the big, long-term goals is so key. Working on that lately!

I can’t believe Hawaii is only a couple weeks away. Where has the year gone?!

Today, I am especially grateful for the mentor of mine who called today (I’d say that I have 3 total). Not only because he informs me ASAP about job opportunities (though that is so awesome), but because he genuinely cares about me and my success. As I have helped his band program this year, I’ve made it clear that I would like to be able to continue working with him, and more closely (possibly as his official assistant director in the future). He has been helping me try to reach that goal and do all the necessary steps to make it more realistic. He was my own high school band director, and I have known him for nearly 20 years (I think 18 or so). He is inspiring, kind, hilarious, and so fun. I hope to one day be able to be a teacher like him, if that’s the direction my life goes. I am so thankful for the opportunities I’ve had to work with and learn from him. He is such a cool guy!!


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