Wednesday’s Words

So late, what a crazy day!

Just checking in on my personal gratitude challenge!

Today I am especially grateful for honesty. I know that’s vague, but I’m so grateful that the people in my life value honesty and honest communication. It can be really hard sometimes to be honest. And I am not meaning “brutally” honest, but just to say what you mean and being direct and not dancing around stuff or saying white lies to try to save people’s feelings….none of that kind of stuff….because direct and pure communication is so very important to a healthy and fulfilling life. There is no better way to be true to yourself than to be honest in your thoughts, words, and actions. I have, of course, been guilty of not following this rather simple directive in the past, and I strive daily to work toward being the most honest and true version of myself that I can be. So, I suppose in this sense, I am also grateful for being able to be oneself. Still working on my comfort with that, though!


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