Daily Gratitude – 12/01

First, I can’t believe it is December already. How did this happen?!

Second, it’s been another crazy busy day and tomorrow will be, too, so today is just about gratitude again. 

I am thankful for kind and loving patience. I am such an indecisive and (likely) difficult to deal with person, what with all my anxiety and allergies and particularities…it is wonderful to be the recipient of patience. I have to sometimes step back and remind myself to savor moments,  thereby allowing myself to appreciate the space between thought and action, and letting others make their own decisions and do their own thing. I have to sometimes make the conscious effort, but I like to show patience to others, as well. Being the person who lets them have the extra time to be certain in their choices (word choice, food choice, what they want to do…etc.) can be very invigorating. We are all so rushed and busy all the time (mentally and outwardly), that itis  nice to be allowed pause – and to offer that to others, as well.

I am much too tired to continue!


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