Life is crazy!

It’s been over a week! Life has been unimaginably hectic and busy since we left Tennessee! Got a teaching job, worked with the marching band for a parade, showed my future brother-in-law around town, went to St. Augustine, flew to Hawaii….and more, all in less than a week!!!

So here I am, ready to get back on the blogging train!

My sister and I have a run to do every day of at least 1 mile. We are going to be doing much longer run (and walk/run) segments, as well, to get up the mileage for our half marathon that’s in ONE MONTH FROM TODAY, OMG! Looking forward to running through Oahu with her. Kind of surreal to think about, TBH.

Food is going well! My sister is vegetarian and mostly vegan, so I am super amped about her wonderful creations in the kitchen! Last night we had an almost magical dumpling soup. So. So. So. Good.

I am grateful for family today. We felt so much love getting picked up at the airport and then once we got home. My nephews couldn’t stop hugging us. It is so wonderful to be here! I know that my brother-in-law has a rough job, but I am so glad that it enables them to live here and us to all be together here now! Love this place and love them super so much!



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