Holy cow, it’s been a long time!

This has been the most hectic/wonderful/crazy/intense/awesome/difficult month in a super long time!

Hawaii was beautiful and amazing and incredible. We went to so many beaches, ate so much delicious food, and had some really great (and much-needed) family time. I also got engaged on a beach at sunset there!! Sunset beach, in fact! The day after Christmas. It was magical and fantastic.

We came home after 3 luxurious weeks in Hawaii. It had been very cold in Florida (really!), and I started a new job teaching English at a high school. The job ended up being far more than I was mentally or emotionally able to handle, so I resigned. It was a very difficult decision, but sometimes the right choice is rather difficult to make.

The half marathon at Disneyland went really well! We walk/ran it, and I couldn’t have been happier! It was wonderful running through the parks in the wee hours of the morning. I cannot wait until April for the Dark Side half, and running through Disney World again. Then we get our Kessel Run medals, and I can beam with pride for a month or so. 😀

Speaking of running: today starts my training for April. I am a little behind (with crazy schedules and trying to settle into some semblance of normalcy after all this travel), but am really looking forward to it. The mileage isn’t too daunting anymore, now that I know that I can do 13.1 miles without an extreme training schedule. I am pushing myself more this time, though. Even cleaner eating and recording of my food, pushing myself faster during the run splits of the run/walk training (go Galloway method!!), and even just moving more in my everyday life. I walk the dog more. I will be walking to the library tomorrow (if not later today). I have yard plans that involve weeding and planting and potting and so many fun, play-in-the-dirt things. Life is a great adventure!

I have been grateful for so many things, daily. Health, the ability to smell the flowers around me, the warmth of the sun, the kisses from my poochie, the gentle purring from my happy kitties, the ability to have running water, being able to wash laundry, having the ability and opportunity to dream….

Today, though, I am especially grateful for my father. Though he is difficult to get along with sometimes, he is still unconditionally supportive and caring toward me. I know I’m the baby, but still. He is always available to talk to if I need to, and he is even heeding SOME of the health advice I am trying to push onto him (I want him around as long as I can have him around, you know?). He is a good person and a great father. I love him very much and am so blessed to have him around still. ❤

Anyway, more again soon! Off to clean then run then make lunch then clean more… the day is young!


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