Don’t Be Content Being Unhappy

Short note today. I feel like my life is governed by one big, overarching rule. Not one I have written anywhere before. Nor one that I outright state to people frequently. It is more of a bit of (I think) particularly good advice that I got from someone years ago.

Ready? Do things daily that make you happy. That’s it. For me, it has taken on a greater meaning in that I won’t continue to do things that make me unhappy. This includes awful, soul-sucking jobs, staying in a dead-end town, continuing a crappy relationship, and other things. I am seen as more of a “free spirit” to my family and friends…and I am totally okay with that. I live, on average, at about 85-90% happy. Some days more, some less. But, overall, I am a pretty happy person. I love finding ways to enjoy life.

That is what I’d challenge you to do. For a week. Do something EVERY DAY that brings you personal joy. Making a meal you love. Calling someone you miss. Drawing. Seeing. Running. Hiking. Gaming. Watching a funny movie. Anything. Especially on hard days. The days where everything is getting on your nerves and you can’t imagine calming down. Bubble bath with candles and music on. Or read a book while eating dinner quietly. Or just go for a walk outside and enjoy some sunlight and fresh air.

That’s also what I’m grateful for today. The weather has been chilly, but amazing. I love being able to go outside and enjoy it, of late. I am grateful for functioning lungs and the ability to stand outside and appreciate the beauty that surrounds me.

Love and peace to all!


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