Crazy Day

Today was nothing short of crazy. Really. Such weird vibes around here that I’m starting to think it isn’t just me who is not feeling normal lately. I don’t know. BUT today I did something to push me in the right direction, and I am rather excited to share.

So, I am running a half marathon in April (I’ve said it a bunch, I know, I know), but my training has been lacking. I have pain a lot and get discouraged quickly. We did the last one with less than stellar planning, so I know that pretty much anything will be an improvement over that, but I really want to do much better, you know? Anyway, so today I charted everything out. I have made a spreadsheet of runs that I need to do, including the dates and mileage that I need to hit, as well as the weekly miles I need to be meeting. I am so proud of doing that! In addition, I am also trying to figure out how to make a spreadsheet to log my cross-training. I want to include the workout and any sets/reps I do of exercises, but I’m not sure as to hoe to go about doing that in the most effective and efficient way. I am only really doing strength 2x/week as it stands (with room for one more day on a light run day) and running 4-5x/week. I am doing yoga for stretching and flexibility (that’s my focus for my practice, even though I know that yoga is a strength workout, as well) for my active rest day (Monday). It is a full schedule, but I only have 10 weeks!

On top of all of THAT, I also made a super spreadsheet for my food intake. I have catalogued my weight (in lbs and kgs), along with my macro breakdown. Then, on another sheet, I am tracking my meals calorically, as well as by macros. I have them summed at the end to make sure that I am staying on track, and I think that I will likely eventually lean more toward a weekly trend, rather than being spot on every day. I don’t like being strict with myself…well…I don’t like being restrictive with myself in regard to food, I just also know that discipline is one of my biggest difficulties to overcome, and if I don’t structure things just so, I cannot and will not ever follow through. Plus, I like having something tangible to look at and see my progress and what I need to work on. I literally have a physical calendar that I write runs and workouts in so that I can use stickers to track my physical activity AND as a reward for my hard work. Yes, STICKERS are part of my reward system. (And it is actually super effective for me, tbh.)

Another reward? A new, higher capacity water bottle. Since I aim to drink 3.5 liters/day, one that needs to be refilled 7 times isn’t as practical for me and, really, doesn’t inspire me much past a few fill ups. BUT, one with a larger capacity, that I can fill up less…yessssss. In a few weeks, if I’m on track, I’ll probably get some new running accessories, as well (a new sleeve for my phone and some new headphones!).

Quickie thankful? I’m thankful for water filters today. I know that’s a bit odd, but really. I have crazy sensitivities with taste and smell, etc. I used to not be able to drink water from restaurants because I could taste the chlorine in it (even when visiting friends/family in other areas of the country from where I lived! It was awful!), but because of filtered water, no joke, I drink so much more water than I used to!

Sometimes being grateful for little, silly things is nice. 🙂

Oh! The pic is of my super protein-packed vegan dinner I made! French fries are not the best addition, but they were extra tasty! Still came in under all the macros today! 😛



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