So Cold!

This morning, I had my coffee and carb/protein-rich breakfast an hour and a half before my scheduled run (I need AT LEAST that long before a run, otherwise I have a horribly upset stomach only a little bit into it). I put on layers of running clothes, because it was supposed to be about 40 F when I went. I hopped in the car to get gas then head to the park…and the wind was blowing so very much that the “feels like” temperature was 33. Now, I am pushing myself to run at 40…I could barely stand there for 4 minutes to pump gas with the wind blowing all around me, straight through my 3 layers up top and my “play warm” pants. Nope. I can’t do 4 miles like this. I’m from Florida, and I hate the cold. Thanks, but no thanks. I’ll try again tomorrow, when it’s supposed to be in the 60s.

That was a bit disappointing, of course. I really wanted to get it done. And I don’t like kinda smunching all of my runs in together (I really enjoy my rest days!), but it’ll get done. Besides, we head back home this weekend, I believe, so I don’t have to deal with this ridiculous weather much longer!

Food has been okay. I am finding it exceptionally difficult for me to “hit my macros” in regard to even the proportions I’m aiming for. I know it just takes more work and preparation, but that’s tough when I’m not home! I’m having the most difficult time getting enough protein without overloading on fat or carbs. As a runner, I get like 50% of my calories from carbs, so I’m having little difficulty doing that…but getting the proper amount of protein is rough! I feel (and I could be so mistaken) that vegan forms of protein are usually carb-laden or fat-filled. Am I missing something? I don’t really want to have seitan, either, as my stomach gets upset with too much delicious, delicious flour…but like…… can I make lentils taste really, really, legitimately good? How can I turn high-protein foods into something appealing? I’m a crazy-picky eater (even before going vegetarian/vegan), and sometimes I feel especially stumped. I enjoy salads with healthy fats (avocados are my favorite), but like….nuts have a ton of fat, even though they have a lot of protein, too! Gah!

Sorry I’m complaining, but this is frustrating. I am trying to figure out a good balance, it’s just rough right now. I NEED MORE PROTEIN! GAH!


I’m grateful that this week is almost over, and with it the weather. I’m glad that I am able to stay warm inside, but I am so happy that I will be heading home soon, to my nice, warm Florida. Grateful doesn’t even describe it! Maybe I vacation too much? Is that a thing?

Ofc, the pic is from The Shining. Great movie.


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