Running Pains

My first week of hardcore tracking and running is complete. It did not go off as planned, but I learned a lot this week anyway.

So, what happened?

Well, I tracked all the things I ate on my spreadsheet and in myfitnesspal. I saw some patterns emerging and am working to adjust those to be able to get to where I want the numbers (and my energy) to be. Positives: being more aware of what I’m putting into my body makes me appreciate the foods more and more. I really, actually enjoy eating for fuel and getting the nutrients I need, rather than solely for making my taste buds happy. I feel more empowered. Also, I guess I just make smarter choices when I do that. I like the clinical aspect of it. I don’t know, it works for me so far. Negatives: I am adjusting to fewer calories and I see a sharp learning curve…meaning I went over nearly every day. But that goes back to learning about what I need to do to make sure that I am getting the nutrients I need (mostly PROTEIN….like….I NEED MORE. And more fibrous greens. I eat a LOT of greens, but I don’t stay full nearly long enough sometimes!). Also, SO MUCH WATER IS NEEDED. That is tough to reach sometimes, but with the running, it has basically been a necessity.

So, food is going pretty okay. Working on different recipes and meal plans to get where I want to be. I will say that I rarely feel crappy and sluggish after meals anymore, and that is an awesome change.

Running, though. Ugh. Man. I love the idea of running. I love the look of going running. I love my running clothes. I so, so hate running right now. I got shin splints after my long run last week. So, I did 2 mile intervals on Tuesday, then a 4 mile slower run on Friday (because Thursday was so cold). Then, and I think this is where I messed up, I tried to do a 2 mile interval run on Saturday, to make up for my lost day (I usually run T/Th/Sa/Su). BAD. CALL. Really. I got 4-5 cycles in before I felt the most ridiculously awful stabbing pain in my shins, on both sides of the bones. This is, sadly, not an unfamiliar feeling, either. I got shin splints when I first was training for my first 5k in 2015. I couldn’t run for nearly a month (and then promptly twisted my ankle after I recovered from my shin splints…or right before I got them…I don’t remember but it was an awful few months leading up to that fun race). I don’t want to have to wait that long this time to keep running. I know that shin splints can be caused by overworking the muscles, so I am efforting to decrease mileage significantly (as in, this week is mostly walking) as well as incorporating stretching and lower-impact cross training, so that I can still use my legs, but not kill them. I will not sugar coat this: it really sucks. I don’t enjoy pain in my legs. I don’t want to drag my sister and brother-in-law down (again) at the half in April. I wanted to train hard and do way better than last time. I am already super disappointed and worried that I’ll do worse. I don’t like being the weak link, and even though I was avidly trying NOT TO BE, I will be, again. And it sucks. I got some biofreeze today for after my long soak in the tub. I got some aspirin, also, since ibuprofen isn’t even taking the edge off. I feel like a mess. I feel disappointed. I feel disheartened. I feel like I should quit running.

I’m not going to quit running. While I really feel like quitting now (and at so many points in the past, also), I think that I would prefer to get past all of these awful feelings and terrible training days and stupid injuries, and get to the point where I am a good runner. Where I go on runs and just do them. I want to be able to run 3.1 miles straight without stopping (and in under 30m). I want to be able to run and enjoy it. And if I quit, I will never get to that point. I really want that. I want that more than I want to quit. I want that ALMOST as much as I want alllll the Disney medals. I want that as my running legacy (even for myself), not quitting. I already have a trail of many things I’ve quit left behind me…I really don’t want this to be another.


Thankful? For kitties and ice packs. Both comforted me a ton after the run today. Sweet snuggles while my legs scream in pain. Made me relax quicker. Love them kitty snuggles.


2 thoughts on “Running Pains

  1. Shin splits are the worse. I am getting back into running this year also and i suffer from foot pain I have found that the gradual increase in mileage works best. I think the recommendation is a 10% increase each week. Hope you have a speedy recovery and get back on the road.

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    1. Thanks! And I agree that gradual increases are best. I didn’t think that one extra mile (3 was my usual not interval run) would be so bad, I think the key was not having the rest day after and trying to go straight back into the stop and go runs. Thanks for the well wishes and best of luck with your running endeavors, as well!! 🙂


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