I’ll try to be brief (though I’m notoriously bad at it when I’m excited). I got a new job and started last week. So far, it is wonderful. The people are great, I stay busy most all day, and the atmosphere is just…good. Also, no complaints from them about me taking off work for the Disney race in April! Huzzah! Also, today I got accepted into a Master’s program for public relations. AD/PR was my first major, way back when, and I really loved the things that PR does. I am excited to move my life forward, get a grad degree, and begin to work toward having my own business. Still sorting out what I’d be happiest doing, but I think either event planner or a business consultant (to help with image and organization, etc) may be the way I’ll go. Also, joining a gym tomorrow/this week. Trying to keep everything going in the healthy and happy life direction.

Running has been sporadic since working. Weekend runs are good, but not enough for training, so I’m falling behind again. I’m not worried. I ran one, I can do another. And this time, my love will be at the end for me!! Also, eating has been so so terrible! I’ve GAINED 2.8 lbs since February, and I’ve been tracking regularly. Well, tracking is true, but I haven’t been keeping to my cal limit. I get home from work and am so so hungry! I need to keep more fruit on hand! And, really, every other day I’m going to have after work runs, so I’ll get a protein shake after and it won’t be bad. But damn!! I need to learn discipline. Badly!!!

I have so many life and health and happiness goals for this year/this month/this week. I am really trying to take life one step at a time, though. Take things as they come. Explore the things that spark something in me as I come across them. I think that’ll make me happiest. Let me reconnect with my inner free-spirited hippie. 

I’m thankful for patience and love and so much support.


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