Oh Fall! <3

I cannot believe that it’s already October! The air is actually changing in Florida (at least for the past couple days, it likely won’t last, of course, but I’ll take it while I can!), and considering how much I love fall….this is so wonderful.

What has happened since April? So very much! Finished the Dark Side Half marathon and almost passed out at the end. Note: DON’T THINK YOU CAN RUN A HALF MARATHON WITHOUT EATING ANYTHING BEFOREHAND. It wasn’t a good call, but I was a bit sick and couldn’t eat before….had to take some medicine for my back during the run twice..then I couldn’t stomach the gels during the run…it was tough. I threw up after. I guess the real moral would be don’t take medicine on an empty stomach AND run. Just don’t. I was dumb. Learn from my mistake. Plus side? I got my medals! The giant Kylo Ren half medal, the blue coast-to-coast medal, and the awesome Millennium Falcon Kessel Run medal. I haven’t registered for any races for next year yet (money! But I will!!!)…and that stresses me out a bit. I’m DETERMINED to do a runDisney race next year!

I’m not working right now. I am moving to Tennessee (theoretically next week). Will be looking for a job there, and am so excited to experience fall in the mountains and picking up my running training again. I’ve started really REALLY focusing on CICO lately. A few days into really tracking my food and we’re going good so far! I’m looking forward to not having to cook and have awesome healthy food readily available up in TN, also. And smoothies! Ahhh…so much excitement.

Oh, I’m applying to Law School again, and my scores from the recent LSAT were better than my first time, so I’m really hoping to be able to go to the school of my dreams!

Everything is kind of falling together, though there’s still a lot of tough stuff ahead. My fiancé is looking into PhD work, and the school I really want to go to doesn’t have a program for him, so we may have to be long-distance again, which neither of us wants. We will figure it out, it’s just a tad stressful right now.

Ah, life! 🙂


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