So here we are. A new year. A perfect time to craft a new start, as the year rolls over and everything feels so fresh and renewed. Personally, I believe any time is a great time to just restart and reinvent yourself, if you choose to do so. No need to wait for a Monday morning…Thursday afternoon is great. January or March or September. Any time is a perfect time to reinvent ourselves.

<Quick aside: The keyboard I’m typing on has the exclamation point broken. It’s really rough, I use it a lot.>

Anyway, the chill of winter has certainly been felt around these Northeastern Tennessee mountains. It has snowed a few times since the new year, and the temperatures have been encouraging thick jackets and warm scarves. Mugs of tea or coffee in hand, and snuggly socks to keep the biting cold at bay. It is wonderful. I love wearing boots.

In the past few months, my focus on my health has fallen by the way-side, and I regret that, certainly. But, I have begun to kick it up again. I began yoga, in an effort to heal my back (as well as my soul) and gain some strength and flexibility, in December. It has TRULY been one of the most wonderful gifts I could give myself. Also, I have decided to slowly move back to being vegan. I am efforting to move back into vegetarianism, and making a conscious effort to decrease my dairy consumption as much as possible. It is tough, for sure. But I know that it is all for the best.

I got some awesome workout clothes on sale last week, one of which was a thinner running jacket. I realized that I haven’t run in a long long time, and that I don’t want that to become the norm anymore. I am going to start laying out clothes for chilly-weather runs, so that I can get back into it. Probably starting from square one, but hopefully I’ll be able to get into shape before November and the Wine and Dine Half weekend at Disney World.

do enjoy running. Man. I actually said that.

Anyway, back to work.

Aloha 🙂


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